I have more than 8 years of tutoring experience.

Right now I am offering online, one to one  lessons.

We can use Skype, Jitsi or Google Hangouts.

Lesson lenght is 60min, but shorter lessons for 30min also possible.


We can work on any topic or technique , slap, tapping, acoustic bass percussion, theory, composition or groove. You need only Bass, Metronome ( could be app on your phone), Video camera (in phone or laptop) and Amp to plug electric bass.

If you have acoustic bass then you don't need amplification, I will be able to hear it.


FIRST LESSON FREE - contact me to arrange a time and date.

Please contact me if you want to book a time, find out price,  ask any question or discuss any other details !


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Short Lesson for Bassiste Magazine

Short Lesson for Bassiste Magazine

Seven Nation Army Tutorial

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