Here are examples of the videos I made

    Five Generations of Pilots
    (2021) - Catalonia, Spain
    Short Documentary about pilot family.

    I found this story quite interesting. Van Cotthem family are flying airplanes for 5 generations. They are from Belgium but have airfield in a small coastal town L'Estartit in Spain. The first of them was a pilot of the King of Belgium and fought in the World War I.

    Short Documentary about incredible friendship between human and octopus.

    One day Octopus approached Sasha and grab her foot. Since then she was visiting him and other octopuses in this bay almost every day. Her story is about how she discovered incredible intelligent and curious species. How she interacted and made friends with them.

    My Octopus Friend
    (2021) Catalonia, Spain
    Music video i did for my Death Metal band MĀRA.
    MĀRA- Life Kills (Fear)
    (2019) Riga, Latvia