I am active supporter and volunteer for organizations working towards social and economical change in our society. I write books, translate materials, film videos, organize events, and perform various tasks. Mainly i help and support TROM, but also THE VENUS PROJECT & ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT.


Here you can find my books written for TROM, they are interactive with great design, videos and source links. My books are TRADE-FREE which means anyone can read, download or use them in any possible way absolutelly for free !





If I would have to describe today's entertainment in just 3 words that would be: attention, competition & adverts.Our modern trade-based society forces artists, athletes and creators to compete with each other for people’s attention. Why? Because brands and companies can sell their stuff through advertising. Professional music, sports, gaming, dancing, etc. exist only because those
who practice them (the “professionals”) can do things faster, stronger and in a more exciting way than the average person. This gets people’s attention and in
turn, creates catchy advertisements and increases sales, but decreases joy, meaning, value and cooperation. In this book we will explore why this is
happening, where it leads and what solutions we might have to offer for experiencing fulfilling, meaningful and joyful entertainment.



OVER-TOURISM    (2018)


Traveling can be an incredible experience that can inspire, bring value and fulfill your life with unforgettable moments. But in the recent years due to aggressive marketing strategies, and easier and more affordable means of transportation, tourism has transformed into "mass tourism" that brings with it a plethora of negative and wasteful outcomes, all pushed to extremes by our trade-based society. In this book we will look at the problems that mass tourism creates, why these problems exist in the first  place, and what we can do about this situation. In other words, what could be our long term solution to "mass tourism".